Job Categories

Available Manpower in Nepalese Market

 Skilled    –   Semi Skilled   – Non-Skilled 

Civil & Mechanical Engineers

Labor and Cleaners

Agricultural Workers

Armed Gurkha Guards

Light and Heavy Driver

Civil Guards

Vehicle Mechanics

Office Administrative and Computer Operators

AC Technicians, Welder, Electrician and Mason



Sales & Marketing attendants

Doctor and Nurses

Sea Mans and Cruise Workers

Chefs and Waiters


Factory and Production Workers

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Available Manpower in Nepalese Market

In today’s date various category of Manpower’s are available in Nepalese market, some category are listed below for employers to find out what category of people they are after.


# Skilled & Unskilled Labors:
 General Labors / Gardeners
 Laundry operators
 Cleaners
 Housekeepers
 Factory workers – Male/Female
 Time Keepers
 Agricultural / Harvesting Workers
 Meat Processing & Packaging
 Store Keeper
 Warehouse Worker

# Construction Workers
 Mason / Plasterer
 Steel Fixer
 Concrete Workers
 Electrician
 Plumber
 Painter
 Welders
 Foreman
 Supervisors
 Scaffolding
 Safety & QA/QC
 Generator Mechanics

# Security Personnel
 Ex-British / Indian Army
 Ex-Nepalese Army
 K9 Handlers
 Ex-Nepal Police
 Armed Force Police
 Civil Security Guards
 Personnel Body Guards
 PSD Operators
 Convey Drivers

# Maritime Personnel

 Maritime Security – Male / Female
 Crew Members – Male / Female
 Cleaners
 Service Waiter

# Doctors / Nurses

 Gynecology (Surgeon) MRCOG
 Physician (General) MD
 Surgeon (General) MD
 Doctor (Pediatrics) MD
 Doctor (Gynecology) MS
 Doctor (Urology) MS
 Doctor (Cardiology) MD
 Doctor Skin (Skin & UD) MD
 Doctor (Nepharthology) MD
 Nurses (Midwifery Gynecology) – Diploma
 Nurses (Pediatrics) – Diploma
 Nurses (ICU) – Diploma
 Nurses (Surgery Operation Theatre) – Diploma

# Professional Workers:

 Civil Engineer
 Surveyor
 Chemical / Electrical Engineers
 CA
 Accountants
 HR Manager / Officers
 Office administrators
 Sales Mans

# Operator – Drivers / Mechanics

 Heavy Drivers
 Light Driver
 JCB Operator
 Crain Operators
 Forklift Operators
 Trailer / Lorry Drivers
 Heavy Vehicle Mechanics
 Light vehicles Mechanics
 Diesel Mechanics
 Auto Petrol Mechanics
 Body dent & Painters
 Auto Electricians
 Welder
 AC Technicians

# Hotel & Tourism
 Head Chefs
 Pastry Chefs
 Captains
 Waiter
 Waitress
 Receptionist
 Bell & Room Boy
 Housekeepers
 Cashier
 Asst & Head Cooks (Indian & Continental)
 Baristas
 Steward

# Pathology

Technician Lab – Diploma
 X-Ray Technicians – Diploma
 Asst. Nurses (Cleaners) Male – Diploma
 Asst. Nurses (Cleaners) Female – Dimploma

# Gaments and Textile

 Pattern Maker
 Cutting Master
 Production Manager
 Supervisor
 Tailors
 Checker, Helper

# Information Technology

Computer Engineer
 System Administrator
 Software Engineer
 Programmer
 System Analyst
 Network Administrator
 Data Entry Operator
 Computer Operator
 Computer Technician
 Database Operator
 Data Entry Clerk


Today  the 2018’s Fact Figures of Nepali Workforce in World Market :

  • There are 3,500 active Nepalese personnel serving in the British Army
  • There are over 25,000 active Nepalese personnel serving in the Indian Army
  • There are over 2,000,000 (2 Million) in Middle East countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain)
  • According to latest figure there are over 65,000 Personnel working & studying in Japan
  • There are over 700,000 personnel working in Malaysia
  • There are over 10,000 personnel working in Macau, specifically in Security related industries
  • There are over 20,000 personnel working in Afghanistan / Iraq with Diplomatic mission contracts and US and Joint force contractors
  • Nepalese Government estimates there are over 100,000 Nepalese nationals working in other countries around the world and in excess of 1,000,000 working in India
  • By todays date the 2018 total of 3,923,500 (3.9 Million) are working in foreign countries in a various positions and in a various countries

“Nepalese have proven to be best workforce in every country they are being recruited”

Why Nepalese Workforce: 

The British Army recruited Nepalese soldiers who are the one and only “Ghurkhas” a name that is known not just for soldiering but for expeditions climbing Everest.

Nepalese people have been working abroad for over 300 years but the defying moment of the countries workforce happened in 2000 where the Government responded to labour demands by formulating the Foreign Employment Act 1985, which enables the youth of Nepal to travel abroad for employment opportunities.

The world market in 2018 has 3.9 million Nepalese workers in various occupations catering to countries and Individual clients or contractors in all corners of the world who have demanded a workforce which is reliable, honest and hardworking. Our clients have always stated how well liked they are by the nationals of the country they are working in.

We think the facts speak for themselves in why you the client should use Bangkok Overseas Services as we are the premier organisation in Nepal that can give you the best professional and reliable workforce, with all the relevant trades to boost your operations to a level you have not known before.

Bangkok Overseas prides itself on finding the best of the best in our country for foreign employment, we have found that the sheer nature of the Nepalese people makes our task that much easier as they strive to perfect their professional trades, and are renowned for producing that extra effort in the work place.