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To comply the rules and regulation set by government of Nepal the following documents are required from foreign employers or its representative to enable us to process and complete the recruitment of Nepalese nationals and the documents are to be attested by Nepalese Consulate & Notary Public or Chamber of commerce of the host country.


Recruiting Procedures:

Step 1. Listed below are the Documents that are required by the employers:

  • Demand Letter: The employer must specify what is required and what additional facilities will be provided throughout the duration
    of the contract.
  • Power of Attorney: This letter enables Bangkok Overseas to act on behalf of the client to carry out all recruiting procedures to fulfil
    the requirements in the demand letter.
  • Agency Agreement: This letter is between the client and the agency allowing the agency to conduct all recruiting policies with the
    Nepalese on the client’s behalf.
  • Company Guarantee Letter: This letter is required so that the recruited personnel are protected by the client/company in that they
    will be solely be responsible for the work they undertake while under their employment and that a Duty of Care will be maintained
    throughout the contract period from the point of deployment in country.
  • Employment Contract: This contract must show all the relevant terms and conditions for employment and any additional
    information with regards to benefits compensation and insurance of the employee while in the service of the client/company.


 Attested Documentation:

All of the above letters are required to attested by the client/company so that the recruitment procedures can proceed.
The client/company should attest the documentation from their chamber of commerce and endeavour to locate the
Embassy of Nepal for attestation from Embassy of Nepal

Deployment Term and Condition


The deployment terms and conditions are based on the Foreign Employment Act of Nepal. The government of Nepal mainly focus for benefit and rights of the migrant workers.
Final Interview of the pre interviewed workers can be carried out after 10 days of receiving the original documents.
Deployment time frame may different as per the contractual requirement and we Bangkok Overseas will make sure the contractual requirements are met at all time

As per the Nepalese government’s directives, the employer must include following facilities to the workers in written contract.
Medical facilities
Insurance of worker
8 hours per day
Six-days a week
2 week to 4 week leave in a year
Residence permit
Over time (O.T.) if worked more than 8 hours a day
The contract letter should clearly state the company’s rules regarding the above facilities.

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