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Bangkok Overseas Pvt. Ltd is a Recruiting Service Provider company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company is registered with Government of Nepal and Department of Foreign Employment Office (registered license number 1275/074/75).

We have a great working team on the ground managed by highly experienced and qualified Local & British National Directors whom are selected for their extensive overseas and in country recruitment / HR experience.

Bangkok Overseas is a complete manpower solution company and we bring you an innovative and a workforce solution that will power your business success and make what may seem impossible really come to life.

Our Head Office is Located in Kathmandu, Nepal but we have an extensive network covering several countries and therefore we have an ability and options on hand to provide the different countries candidates to any interested employers from anywhere in the world.

Bangkok Overseas has an International Expat Directors whom are responsible for liaising with International clients and they make sure that the contract compliance are delivered 100 % at all times

Current employment figures for Nepalese working around the world is 3.9 Million and with our professional recruiting procedures and excellent workforce Bangkok Overseas is the “ONE STOP SHOP” for workforce requirements no matter the location or situation.

Bangkok Overseas continues to grow from day one thanks to our clients for having continue confidence in us. We cover many industries such as Construction, Security, Hospitality, financial, Gas Plant & Energy, consumer products, transportation.

Why Recruit From Us

Bangkok Overseas has all areas of Industry covered we can supply a workforce that can be tailor made no matter the circumstances. Our dedicated team will work that extra mile to ensure that our clients receive the best possible workforce that has been vetted trained and in prime health for the challenges you may have for them “

  • We are very committed and best at what we do
  • Our staff are highly professional and experienced in Human Resources / Finance and we can confidentially fulfill your requirements in a professional manner
  • We know people are the real agents of business success and individuals with required skills and experience can always make a huge difference in every business and therefore we at Bangkok Overseas strive to bring you an innovative workforce that can add to the success of your business
  • We provide more time on background / vetting including selection, background checks, reference checks, full medical checks in order to find the best candidates for your requirements
  • We have a large candidate pool and extensive connections to personnel across Nepal and therefore we have the ability to fulfill any manpower requirements at short notice
  • We work 24/7 to meet requirements and deadlines

Service We Provide

  • Recruitment & Assessment: Our experienced recruitment team’s assessment and selection methods ensure that we find you the right person with the right skills to make a difference and play a valuable role from your staffing prospective
  • Workforce Training & Professional Development:We offer a full range of skills development training from our Technical Training Institute personnel can be trained as required by your company and they will receive a National certificate from CTEVT of Nepal, which is a professional development program of Nepal.
  •  Workforce Sourcing: We provide innovative workforce solutions that will always value add to your company and our international connection can assist you to fulfill the different countries candidates as required
  • Workforce Consultation:  We are available to assist you how to align your business strategy with your workforce strategy
  • Correct Manning Solution: Our Management Team will sit with you the client to ensure that what you require is available no matter the size, and it is our aim that you only receive the best possible option that we can provide.
  • Our Remit: Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle, request and we shall comply with your requirements where humanly possible.

# Bangkok Overseas Duty of Cary Policy: 

  • We have a duty of care policy that we take very seriously and by that we frequently contact our clients to ensure that our provided personnel are receiving the best possible welfare and working conditions that are possible within the operations limitations.
  • We also ensure that relatives at home are kept informed of the welfare of their loved ones. By doing this we maintain a happy working relationship with our recruited personnel and their families in Nepal.
  • This is important because contracts can be of a long duration and we feel it is our responsibility to provide a security blanket to all our personnel and families.
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Please feel free to contact us at any time with your HR related queries 

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website and please contact us for your any human recruiting needs, We are more than happy to answer your any queries and will get in touch at the earliest possible.

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